Board of Directors


Monica Graham, Board Chair
Betheny Kinahan, Treasurer
Divya Raman, Secretary
Francisco Peschard, Qué Tal Executive Director
Ana Rayas, Teacher Representative
Lisa Bachman, Edina
Angela Follett
Cindy Havel
Karen Kaus
Maria Luehmann
Michelle Nayar
Molly Portz, Edina

Qué Tal’s Board of Directors is made up of parents whose children are enrolled in our program. Below are some of the reasons our Board Members feel so strongly about volunteering their time to Qué Tal!

Michelle Nayar has three daughters in the elementary program and she sees the benefits of them attending Qué Tal. Their early exposure to the Spanish language is resulting in vocabulary and pronunciation that far exceeds the two years of foreign language that she was introduced to in high school. She loves that her daughters are learning Spanish from native speakers, who are energetic about teaching the language along with their culture. She is excited for the opportunities Qué Tal provides all of our children and feels fortunate to be part of this program.

Barb Rippberger joined the Board in 2009, when the program was first offered for students at Sunset Hill and her oldest son was starting kindergarten. She now has another son in the program and a three-year-old daughter who likes to “read” her books in Spanish to be like her big brothers. Early exposure to a second language taught by native speaking teachers truly makes the Qué Tal program something special. She notices the benefits of this on a regular basis, in the dead-on accents her boys have thanks to learning the language at an early age as well as the cultural appreciation that they’ve gained from the program.