April Open Classes

During April, we will be inviting parents to attend an open class at Qué Tal. This annual event is a great opportunity for you to see what takes place on a typical day at Qué Tal and observe your child interacting in the Spanish language!

Schedule for Elementary Open Classes

Elementary AM Location: St. Barnabas Lutheran Church
8:00 – 8:25 am

Tuesday, April 21st
Sra. Elena Gandía, B-1
Sra. Soledad Morantes, C
Sra. Laura Mueller, C

Wednesday, April 22nd
Sra. Claudia Lindman, A-1
Sra. Fernanda Gonzalez, B-1
Sra. Ana Rayas, B-2

Thursday, April 23rd
Sra. Jeannette Barreiro, A-2
Sra. Rosana Guastaferro, A-1
Sra. Sonia Beccaria, B-1

Friday, April 24th
Sra. María Alicia Peschard, Intermediate
Sr. Francisco Peschard, Intermediate

Elementary PM Location: Peace Lutheran Church
3:00 – 3:25 pm

Tuesday, April 21st
Sra. Catalina Meoz, B-2
Sra. Carolina Mardones, B-1

Wednesday, April 22nd
Sra. Laura Mueller, C
Sra. Ana María Menanteau, Intermediate

Thursday, April 23rd
Sra. Claudia Lindman, B-1

Edina: Edina Community Center
8:00 – 8:25 am

Tuesday, April 21st
Sra. Carolina Mardones

Wednesday, April 22nd
Sra. Catalina Meoz

Schedule for Middle School Open Classes

Location: St. Barnabas Lutheran Church
7:00 – 7:30 am

Tuesday, April 28th
Sra. María Alicia Peschard, MS 2.1

Wednesday, April 29th
Sra. Laura Mueller, MS 1.1
Sra. Elena Gandía, MS 1.2
Sra. Alejandra Anderson-Cufré, MS 1.3
Sra. María Alicia Peschard, MS 2.2

Thursday, April 30th
Sra. Sonia Beccaria, MS 3.1

Friday, May 1st
Sra. Sonia Beccaria, MS 3.2

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