December 30, 2020 – Wayzata

Dear Qué Tal families,

At Qué Tal our top priority is the safety, health, and well-being of students, staff, and families.

We have decided to continue in a remote learning environment at least until February 25th .

We will monitor the evolution of confirmed cases in our schools and neighborhoods throughout January to decide if a return to in person learning is safe.

Why are we making this decision?

The growing concern about academic, social and emotional losses for kids and families when schools are closed and ensuring safe places for children and adolescents to be, while parents or guardians are working, are driving the State/schools’ decision to offer in person classes for K-5 students during the coming weeks. (Supported by the findings that “at present, it appears that children younger than 10 years may be less likely to become infected and less likely to spread infection to others, although further studies are needed” (in particular when new mutations are present)).

  1. a) The District is not moving to 100% in person as they are keeping the remote option open; and we do not have the ability and resources to provide both alternatives (remote and in person).
  2. b) Having teachers with a mask and a face shield and students with masks complicates the language learning process as much or even more than doing it through a screen. (using only face shields is insufficient mitigation).
  3. c) Our mixing of students from different elementary schools increases the impact in case of any exposure.

I understand this decision won’t please everyone but consider it the best alternative and I fully appreciate your support.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

We wish you a healthier 2021!


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