March 15, 2020 – Edina

Dear Edina Parents,

As all EPS schools will be closed beginning tomorrow March 16th through March 20th. We will close our Qué Tal Language Program too.

We will use this week to continue developing material and activities our students could execute from home, so they keep some of the Spanish learning you want them to have, both for the rest of this week and for the potential closures after our spring break.

We want to invite you to pick-up materials and some books this coming Wednesday, March 18th between 3-4pm. at our location (Calvary Lutheran Church) to cover the rest of the week and the beginning of the week after spring break (just in case it is needed).

If you are an emergency worker (as defined is the Governors Executive order), we are anticipating you will get the support needed from the District, and will appreciate your feedback if you need anything from us.


Francisco Peschard

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