March 27th, 2020

Complying with the new Executive order from Governor Waltz we will continue staying closed until May 4th, at least. (same as our Districts of Edina and Wayzata).

We will begin distance learning, for Edina on April 1st and for Wayzata on April 7th, in order to not interfere with your student´s “1st day of school”.


Distance Learning will not be the same experience as traditional face-to-face learning with 3 to 4 hours per week. There is no remote way to exactly replicate that.

We have a Distance Learning plan that will evolve over the coming weeks. Here are some things to know:

Re-starting School

Our first day will be a bit like the first day of school. Throughout the first week, we’ll be working to establish routines and expectations with students. We will practice Spanish from day 1 and you will see, as the days and weeks progress, that learning will become increasingly robust as everyone adapts to new routines.

Words to know

The Edina school District is using 2 words to describe what will happen in the future weeks: synchronous and asynchronous. We decided to adopt them in Spanish; will call them: “Juntos” (altogether) e “Independientes” (by yourself)

· (Juntos) Synchronous refers to learning that happens together, live with the teacher and/or other classmates, on Zoom for instance.

· (Independientes) Asynchronous is learning that happens independently, through reading, writing, and other project work, done autonomously by the student.

Our Plan includes both types of learning. Initially our learning will be more “independiente”. As we all become more proficient with the remote way and establish our routines, “juntos” will increase.

“Juntos” (live videoconference) expectations: teachers will attempt to meet with their students on a live platform (ex. Zoom) once or twice per week. Schedules will vary depending on grade and student availability. Teachers will coordinate with parents (K-3rd grade) and with students (4-8th grade).

We appreciate your patience and support as learning is happening on both sides!


Francisco C Peschard Executive Director

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