November 9, 2020

Dear parents,

While we are committed to assure our classes take place as planned, we might face situations where our teachers are unable to deliver the class as planned.

  1. a) Planned teacher absences.

During distant learning, if a teacher has a planned absence for several days, we will appoint a substitute (as we do in regular in-person classes). For a single day situation, they might explore a make-up alternative (maybe on a Friday) to keep continuity of the classes (they will directly contact you in those cases).

  1. b) Contingency Plan for last minute class delay or cancellation.

In case of emergency or last-minute issue that prevents our teacher from having class any day, either our teacher or our Office manager (Crystal) will notify you (and your student if we have their email) via email. If we have to cancel the class, a make-up will be offered on a Friday, either at the regular time or at an agreed upon one.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Francisco Peschard

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