Parent Presentations are coming up!

This is an annual event where Qué Tal students and teachers present what they have been working on during the year.  Parents, this is a great opportunity to see how much your child has learned. We invite you to observe your child interacting in the Spanish language! Specific dates and times for presentations are listed below.


Elementary Classes

Morning presentations are from 8:00-8:25 am at St. Barnabas.

Tuesday April 22: Sra. Mardones, Sra. Morantes and Sra. Mueller
Wednesday April 23: Sra. Lindman, Sra. Gonzalez and Sra. Rayas
Thursday April 24: Sra. Barreiro, Sra. Guastaferro, y Sra. Gandia
Friday April 25: Sra. Diaz y Sra. Peschard

Afternoon presentations are from 3:00-3:25 pm at Peace Lutheran.

Tuesday April 22: Sra. Mardones and Sra. Mueller
Wednesday April 23: Sra. Gandia and Sra. Menanteau
Thursday April 24: Sra. Maldonado

Middle School

All Middle School presentations are from 7:00 – 7:30 am at St. Barnabas.

May 1:  Sra. Gandia (MS1) y Sra. Dalmazzo (MS1)
May 7:  Sra. Mueller (MS1) y Sra. Diaz (MS2)
May 8:  Sra. Beccaria (MS3) y Sra. Peschard (MS2)
May 9:  Sra. Beccaria (MS3)

St. Barnabas location: As with drop-off, please do not park on the east end of parking lot (marked with cone).

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!

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