Tutors Available for 2021

Tutoring sessions are a private arrangement between your family and the tutor. Qué Tal is not involved with the arrangements or the finances. The teachers have established common rates:

Option #1: Tutoring sessions at the tutor’s home

30 minutes for 1 student—————–$30.00

60 minutes for 1 student—————–$45.00

60 minutes for 2 students—————-$55.00

60 minutes for 3 students—————-$65.00

Option #2: Tutoring sessions at the student’s home or elsewhere

60 minutes for 1 student—————–$50

60 minutes for 2 students—————-$60.00

60 minutes for 3 students—————-$70.00


Ana María Beláustegui               Level A Cell: 651-233-9493 anamaria.belaustegui@quetalwayzata.org June – August

Lucy Camacho                   Level A

Cell: 612-245-8216                  camacho.lucy@gmail.com June – August

Lorena Casillas                        Level A, B, Intermediate

Cell: 952-277-9671 lorena.casillas@quetalwayzata.org June – August
Detsy Donohue                 Level B, Intermediate Cell: 763-843-8637 detsy.donohue@quetalwayzata.org June – August
Elena Gandía                            Level A, B, Interm,  MS1 Cell: 612-802-9108         elena.gandia@quetalwayzata.org June and July –  partially available
Laura López                            Level MS1, MS3 Cell: 513-324-4918 Laura.lopez@quetalwayzata.org June – August
María Elisa Hagg                    Level A, B, C Cell: 763-742-5501  (text) mariaelisa.hagg@quetalwayzata.org All year
María Paula Iannini                  Level A, B1, MS Cell: 763-269-1248 mariapaula.iannini@quetalwayzata.org June – August
Claudia Lindman                    Level A Cell: 612-501-8488  claudia.lindman@quetalwayzata.org June – August
Ana María Menanteau Intermediate Cell: 651-815-8266 anamaria.menanteau@quetalwayzata.org All year
Laura Mueller                          Level A, B, C, Intermediate and MS Cell: 612-327-5338   laura.mueller@quetalwayzata.org All year
Eva Palma                                Level C Cell: 612-381-7716     eva.palma@quetalwayzata.org All year
Francisco Peschard    Intermediate, MS         Spanish and French Cell: 612-237-6346 francisco.peschard@quetalwayzata.org August
María Alicia Peschard Intermediate, MS Cell: 440-725-2897 maria.peschard@quetalwayzata.org All year (June and July- partially available)
Ana Rayas                                 Level A, B Cell:  612-747-9378     ana.rayas@quetalwayzata.org All year
Alicia Xifra                              Level A, B, C, Intermediate, MS Cell: 612-747-8170           axifrawayzata@gmail.com All year
Mary Vallejo                            Level B2 Cell: 612-743-4019 mary.vallejo@quetalwayzata.org All year except Sept.