Tutors for Summer 2018

Below is a list of teachers that work at Qué Tal Language Program who are also available to tutor your children during the summer. Tutoring sessions are a private arrangement between your family and the tutor. Qué Tal is not involved with the arrangements or the finances. Please communicate directly with the teacher of your choice.

The teachers have established common rates to assure a fair relationship among the staff and the families of the program. The rates for tutoring are as follows:

Option #1:  Tutoring sessions at the tutor’s home

30 Minutes for 1 student—————–$30.00
60 Minutes for 1 student—————–$45.00
60 Minutes for 2 students—————-$55.00
60 Minutes for 3 students—————-$65.00

Option #2:  Tutoring sessions at the student’s home

60 Minutes for 1 student—————–$50.00
60 Minutes for 2 students—————-$60.00
60 Minutes for 3 students—————-$70.00

Jeannette Barreiro
Level A, Middle School
Cell: 763-494-3086 jeannette.barreiro@quetalwayzata.org June – August
Karin Bertolini
Level A
Cell: 952-255-9712
All year
Lucy Camacho
Level A
Cell: 612-245-8216 lucy.camacho@quetalwayzata.org All summer
Lorena Casillas
Level A, B, Intermediate
Cell: 952-277-9671
All year
Alejandra Cufre
Level C, Middle School 1
Cell: 612-842-7628
All year
Elena Gandía
Level A, B-1, B-2, Middle School 1
Cell: 612-802-9108
Spring/June & July,
partially available
Laura Gonzalez
Level A
Cell: 513-324-4918 laura.gonzalez@quetalwayzata.org June/August
Carolina Mardones
Level A, B-1, B-2
Home: 763-559-7231
Cell: 612-702-1576  carolina.mardones@quetalwayzata.org
Soledad Morantes
Level A, B, C, Intermediate
Cell: 612-747-3969 morantes.soledad@quetalwayzata.org
Laura Mueller
Level A, B, C, Intermediate,
Middle School
Home: 763-420-7985
Cell: 612-327-5338   laura.mueller@quetalwayzata.org
All year
Eva Palma
Level Level C
Cell: 612-381-7716
All year
Francisco Peschard
Cell: 612-237-6346
Spanish and French
María Alicia Peschard
Intermediate, Middle School
 Cell: 440-725-2897 maria.peschard@quetalwayzata.org All year
(June-July partial availability)
Ana Rayas
Level A, B
Cell: 612-747-9378
All year
Olivia Sanchez
Intermediate, Middle School 1
Cell: 763-350-8442
M-Th 6:30-8:30pm,
Saturday upon request
Alicia Xifra
Level A, B, C, Intermediate
Middle School
Cell: 612-747-8170
Home: 763-268-0117
All year