Past Cultural Days

Chilean Music

Vladimir Garrido, from the Alma Andina band, taught us about different instruments from the Andean Mountains. Students were very engaged and enjoyed singing along in Spanish.



España y El Fútbol – May 2019

Castellano (Español=Spanish), originates in Castilla (land of castles=castillos) (region in Spain=España).

We talked about Spain and its capital Madrid; about the Guernica (one of Picasso’s most famous paintings) and about soccer (Fútbol)



Exotic food from México – Feb 2018

We talked about some ”exotic” foods from México: fruits, insects, eggs, worms.  “grilled crickets” were tried by some teachers.


El Mate y Dulce de Leche – November 2017

Presented by: Karin Bertolini (Chile), Natalia Cofone (Argentina), Alicia Xifra (Argentina)

El Mate y El Dulce de Leche are two recognized culinary products in Latin America, mostly in Southern America.  Both are typical products inviting you to share with family, friends, neighbors, and so on…  They are used as a welcoming and comfort drink/food.

El Mate is more than a drink…  It is a perfect partner everywhere.  It is a good excuse to share with a friend, for reflecting, or simply for enjoying.  First time drinkers do not like it since it is grassy and bitter, but after sharing the experience some become fans.  Most people drink it as is, but you can always add sugar, sweetener, or even (condensed) milk, depending on your preferences.

El Dulce de Leche is a milky version of caramel.  We eat it with everything or, actually, as an indulgent sweet treat by itself.  So just grab a spoon and dig in!  Maybe, you have tried the Dulce de Leche Frapuccino or Latte at Starbucks… Quite good, no?  Dulce de Leche is such a simple perfect pleasure.  Sorry, not lactose free; although you could make a kosher version using kosher condensed milk cans.

El Mate

El Dulce de Leche



Mayas Y Aztecas – 2017

We shared information about 2 very important ancient cultures in Latin America:  Mayas y  Aztecas