Our Programs

Students make goofy faces while posing for the camera.

Our mission? To learn Spanish and have fun doing it!

The main goal of the Qué Tal Language Program is to develop communication skills in the Spanish language through meaningful experiences.  We have adopted the “Viva el español” program from McGraw Hill Company to teach children from Kindergarten through fourth grade.

This is a program designed for elementary students that incorporates two major methodologies:  the Natural Approach and Total Physical Response (TPR).  Qué Tal also supplements each level with additional material from various sources and cultural activities that are a crucial component of the program.

In fifth grade, students are introduced to a different curriculum called Realidades from Pearson Company.  This is a more structured curriculum that allows us to continue working on communication while providing additional focus in grammar, reading and writing.  Middle School students continue with this curriculum.

At Qué Tal we incorporate two major methodologies: the Natural Approach and the Total Physical Response (TPR).  The Natural Approach’s main goal is to provide plenty of comprehensive inputs in familiar everyday situations to promote learning and acquisition of the language.  The use of the target language is fundamental.  TPR introduces the language through the use of commands and students demonstrate their understanding through action responses.  Ultimately, the combination of these methodologies results in a more natural and comprehensive method to acquire the Spanish language.