Q) Are we going back to in person classes in November?

A) We have decided to continue operating in a distance learning mode for the month of November

Q) When are we going back to in person classes?

A) Once your District decides to move to 100% in person for elementary students, we will survey your interest to go back to in person Spanish classes; at that time we’ll reconfirm transportation availability and the feasibility to operate in our leased facilities meeting the prevalent health guidelines. We will define a return date with at least 3 weeks advanced notice.

Q: When is the Start Date for Wayzata and Edina in 2020?

A: We will be starting classes on September 14. Classes will be Distance Learning only to begin.

Q: What is the withdrawal policy?

A: Our re-enrollment process is automatic. Every year there is a period from March to April allowing you to withdraw from Que Tal without a fee. Once you are billed (in July), withdrawals received up to 15 days prior to the first day of school will receive a refund of all amounts paid less a $100 cancellation fee per student. Withdrawals received after that, will not receive a refund unless the family is moving out of the District or for health reasons that advise against continuing in the program. In these cases, tuition will be pro-rated and the $100 cancellation fee per student added.

As an exception because of the Covid- 19 pandemic, if you decided to withdraw later in the year, either because the distance learning does not work for you, or because we decide to return to in person learning and you do not feel comfortable, any unused portion of your tuition could be applied to your future tuition next year. We will save your spot and your responsibility will be to keep your student practicing Spanish so he/she is able to join the class and have a positive experience.

Q: What is the proposed schedules for distance learning?

Elementary classes:
Edina: Monday to Thursday 3:00 – 3:55pm
Wayzata Tier 1 schools (Greenwood, Oakwood, Kimberly Lane, Plymouth Creek, Meadow Ridge and North Woods): Monday to Thursday 3:00-3:55pm
Wayzata Tier 2 schools (Birchview, Gleason Lake and Sunset Hill): Monday to Thursday 4:00–4:55pm

Middle school classes:
Wayzata Middle school: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:30/40 to 8:20/30 (to be fine-tuned with MS families)

We want to make sure we allow enough time for everybody’s bus rides to and from school. Once we know your selection (hybrid or distance) and assignment (A/B) in the school, we might reevaluate our grouping options (and fine tune schedules to better serve you).

Q: How will distance learning be different from what we did at the end of last year?

All sessions will be (live) synchronous, using zoom with some breakout rooms for team work. We’ll work to establish routines and make it a positive learning environment piggybacking on the District recommendations for students and parents by level. Basically, no homework in elementary (outside from voluntary reading).
MS will continue to have additional asynchronous activities as in prior years.
We’ll, try to adjust all our classes to have ~10 students per class (vs our 16 max. for regular in person classes).

Q: What is the tuition?

A: For the 2020-21 school year, Elementary tuition is $1840, Middle School tuition is $1355.

– Will there be a reduction in tuition for this year?

No, our tuition for the class will remain the same as we are confident we will be able to achieve the same level of language proficiency improvement.

– If club isn’t being offered, when will I receive a credit?

As announced in our letter early in July, we are not offering the Club at this time and every family has been fully credited for that (if you had already paid it we’ll either apply that portion to your tuition or will issue a refund check).

Q: How can parents provide feedback?

A: Feedback is welcomed at any time. The best way to provide it is by sending an email to office@quetalwayzata.org. Once classes start, we will do a survey after 2 weeks and then another one after the first month.

Q: I have a flexible spending account. Can I name Qué Tal as the Dependent Care Organization?

A: Que Tal is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and not a daycare center. We offer before- and after-school Spanish classes, as well as an after-class program in the afternoon to support parents needing a later pick up time. As our classes are educational, it is our understanding that the tuition is not considered a dependent care expense while the after class program fee may be considered a dependent care expense. We recommend checking with your accountant and/or benefits administrator to make a final determination.

Q: How will I know if there is Qué Tal on mornings or afternoons when there is bad weather?
A: During severe weather, Qué Tal will close whenever the Wayzata or Edina School Districts issue a school closure.  Morning classes will be cancelled on any late start days and afternoon classes will be cancelled on early closure days.

Q: Who should I notify if my child is sick or has an appointment or will not be in class?
A: Please email the Office Manager (office@quetalwayzata.org) and your child’s teacher on the day of the absence before 1:00 pm. You will receive a short response email from the Office Manager which will let you know your email has been received. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please call the office at 763-208-3231.
A $10 Absence Confirmation Fee will be charged if we need to contact you to locate your child.

Q: What does Qué Tal mean?
A: Qué Tal translates to “What’s up?” and is a common greeting that means “How are you?”

Q: What is the starting grade?
A: Kindergarten is the starting grade for Wayzata, 1st grade is the starting grade for Edina.  Please contact us at office@quetalwayzata.org to be placed on a pre-registration list.

Q: What about older students, can they enroll?
A: If you have a 1st grader (or older), you must contact the Qué Tal office and speak to the Elementary Teacher Lead. We occasionally accept older students if we have space and if their Spanish   level is comparable to the corresponding grade.

Q: How many students are in a class?
A: We try to keep the classes at 16 students maximum.

Q: What is the tuition?
A: For the 2020-21 school year, elementary tuition is $1840, Middle school tuition is $1355.

Q: When can I register?
A: General registration for the 2020-21 school year is open.

Q: Are there scholarships available?
A: Yes, Qué Tal does offer scholarships based on certain requirements.  Please call the office at (763) 208-3231 for more information.

Q: I have other questions about your program.  Where can I find more information?
A: Please take a look at our Qué Tal Parent Handbook, under the Parents tab.  If you have other questions not answered in the Parent Handbook, please email us at office@quetalwayzata.org, or you may call us at (763) 208-3231, although due to Covid we are not in the office daily, so email would be the fastest way to receive a response.