Que Tal Distance Learning Schedules

Dear Qué Tal Parents,

Thanks a lot for your patience and support.

1) Our proposed schedules for distance learning are:

Elementary classes:
Edina: Monday to Thursday 3:00 – 3:55pm
Wayzata Tier 1 schools (Greenwood, Oakwood, Kimberly Lane, Plymouth Creek, Meadow Ridge and North Woods): Monday to Thursday 3:00-3:55pm
Wayzata Tier 2 schools (Birchview, Gleason Lake and Sunset Hill): Monday to Thursday 4:00–4:55pm

Middle school classes:
Wayzata Middle school: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:30/40 to 8:20/30 (to be fine-tuned with MS families)

We want to make sure we allow enough time for everybody’s bus rides from and to school.

Once we know your selection (hybrid or distance) and assignment (A/B) in the school, we might reevaluate our grouping options. (and fine tune schedules to better serve you).

2) Our distance learning will be different from what we did at the end of last year:

All sessions will be (live) synchronous, using zoom with some breakout rooms for team work. We’ll work to establish routines and make it a positive learning environment piggybacking on the District recommendations for students and parents by level. Basically, no homework in elementary (outside from voluntary reading).
MS will continue to have additional asynchronous activities as in prior years.
We’ll, try to adjust all our classes to have ~10 students per class (vs our 16 max. for regular in person classes).

3) Some families have asked about our withdrawal policy: (Smart registration/Parent handbook/ Web page FAQ’s)

Once you are billed (in July), withdrawals received up to 15 days prior to the first day of school will receive a refund of all amounts paid less a $100 cancellation fee. Withdrawals received after that, will not receive a refund unless the family is moving out of the District or for health reasons that advise against continuing in the program. In these cases, tuition will be pro-rated and the $100 cancellation fee added.

As an exception because of the Covid- 19 pandemic, if you decided to withdraw later in the year, either because the distance learning does not work for you, or because we decide to return to in person learning and you do not feel comfortable, any unused portion of your tuition could be applied to your future tuition next year.

We will save your spot and your responsibility will be to keep your student practicing Spanish so he/she is able to join the class and have a positive experience.

We will continue sending you updates via Jupiter and publishing them in our Web site. We will also add comments to our FAQ for easier reference.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Stay safe!


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