Qué Tal Teachers Attend TPRS Workshop

On September 27, 2014, Qué Tal teachers attended a TPRS workshop. TPRS stands for Total Physical Response Storytelling. This method is one of the most effective methods for teaching a foreign language. The creator of this method, Blaine Ray, held a day-long workshop for our teachers.

From the Blaine Ray website:
“TPRS is changing the way many teachers go about teaching a foreign language today. Through TPRS, teachers are finding they can teach the language holistically without having to teach grammar rules. Grammatical accuracy is taught but not in the traditional way through verb conjugations. Language is learned by understanding messages in the target language. That means language is picked up through comprehensible input. Input is listening and reading that is understood by the learner. We ensure the class is totally comprehensible. Also it must be repetitive and interesting. We teach the class an interesting story that is invented as the teacher asks students repetitive questions.”

Our teachers are thrilled to be able to use this approach in addition to our regular curriculum.  TPRS will make classes more interactive and entertaining for our students, as well as greatly improve their Spanish abilities.

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